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Our Mission Statement

To promote and support a sustainable future for the Morristown community through leadership, education, and action.

Our Purpose

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Morristown has a strong patchwork of community groups, nonprofit associations, faith-based organizations, businesses, governing bodies and educational institutions all working to better the greater community. Sustainable Morristown grew out of the desire to have one group that coordinates with all of these organizations to develop an overall sustainability strategy and vision for the town


In Spring 2012, over 90 Morristown organizational leaders were surveyed by graduate students from the Milano School of International Affairs, Management, and Urban Policy at The New School.   The survey revealed that 83% of respondents would find a comprehensive website for sustainability issues in Morristown to be useful or very useful.  They also responded that they saw a benefit in collaborating with other local organizations on sustainability issues. Over 60% of the organizations could use support with fundraising, networking, education, publicity, public awareness and sharing resources.

Sustainable Morristown is the premiere landing spot for those interested in sustainability in Morristown.  In addition to coordinating an overall sustainability vision for the community, the nonprofit shares resources, creates educational tools for sustainability, raises funds for worthy projects, and shares information about upcoming events, programs and opportunities. Sustainable Morristown provides a platform to promote or celebrate the efforts and achievements of local organizations, or individuals by hosting events, programs and annual awards ceremonies.

For Sustainable Morristown, sustainability means enhancing human, natural and economic vitality simultaneously to enable our community to flourish in a pattern of growth that will enable further growth -- allowing the community to continuously move forward towards a cleaner, safer, and lasting future, thus paving the way for local climate activism across the state and country.

What does sustainability mean to us?


Sustainable Morristown contributes to a strong civil society that provides opportunity for all


A History of our Organization

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