Board of Trustees

Meet the team
John Hodges
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John Hodges is a leader in Sustainability for PepsiCo.  Trained on GRI Standards and the GhG Protocol and currently working towards his Masters of Sustainability Management at Columbia University, John aims to implement and improve environmental and social programs at an organization to improve overall governance and economics for the communities where they operate. #EnvironmentalJustice


Born and raised in Morristown, he believes that intelligent sustainability programs and education will help to give back to a community that has so freely given to him.  Combining a true passion for improving the lives of others and a platform to make positive change, anything can be accomplished.


John has worn many hats in his career, from finance to business intelligence, but ultimately found his home in environmental sustainability.  If there is a place where a difference can be made on a local or global scale, John will gladly be there – and give you a ride if needed!

Eric Stromfeld

Eric combines the worlds of sustainability and finance to provide financial guidance to his clients at Merrill Lynch. He has embraced the concept of impact investing and aligning wealth with value for his clients.


Eric grew up in Florham Park, has lived in DC and the Bay Area, and now calls Randolph home. He is excited to get more involved in the local community and is embracing his role as a new dad. 

Megan Holt
Social Media

Megan was born in Morristown and is a 2009 graduate of Morristown High School.  She relocated to the Jersey Shore region to attend Monmouth University in West Long Branch, NJ where she became actively involved with Clean Ocean Action and participated in beach and river cleanups locally and across the state.  In 2013 Megan graduated with a B.S. in International Business and returned to Morris County. 


A current Morristown resident, Megan is passionate about waste reduction, composting, recycling, wildlife conservation, and educating individuals on how they can adopt environmentally-friendly practices in their homes and workplaces.  She has found ways to encourage her employers to be more sustainable, including developing a recycling program for a retail/e-commerce warehouse, implementing a switch to eco-friendly pest control and landscaping businesses, and eventually becoming a sales consultant for Covanta- a Waste-to-Energy company based in Morristown.  At Covanta, Megan led the DEA Drug Take-Back program, focused on partnering with police departments, municipalities, and pharmacies across the US to offer a free and safe disposal option for unwanted pharmaceuticals.  Megan is currently employed as a Sales Representative for Stericycle and will continue to focus on advocating and implementing sustainable waste solutions. 

Susan Sparks
Board Member

Susan has worked for over two decades as VP and Director of Business Development with Fortune 500 clients in renewable energy/ environmental technologies, biotech / pharma, software, and business commodities. She has a BA in Psychology from the University of the Americas in Cholula, Mexico with years of additional study in health, nutrition, public policy, economics, environment, renewable energy, and sustainability fields. Susan worked for a European renewable energy company to start up the US market, working with utilities, research and government organizations, non-profits, environmentally proactive individuals, and Fortune 500 companies. Susan worked for a Fortune 500 company doing research, planning, and educational presentations for their Green Initiative and Earth Week displays for environmental sustainability, climate change, renewable energy, reducing toxins, and an interactive calculator for personal carbon footprints. She created a mass marketing strategy to greatly increase public awareness of economic, health and environmental sustainability in the US. Susan has worked as a volunteer for:  First Book (literacy for underprivileged children); Essex Horse Trials; NJ Philharmonic/Discovery Orchestra; Jacobus Vanderveer Historical Society, and Sustainable Morristown. Certification to be Advocate for the Citizen Climate Lobby is in progress. 

Liz Reisman
Board Member

Liz is a librarian who spent her early years in Brooklyn but has been a NJ and Morristown resident for many years.  She has a B.A. from Vassar in Psychology and a Master of Library Science from Rutgers, and has worked in both public and government libraries.  New to volunteering, Liz is excited to put her skills and energy toward making the world, or just Morristown, a greener and more sustainable place.