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Thanks to Paul Scott you can help support Sustainable Morristown and read a new book. We are thrilled that Paul has generously offered to donate a percentage of your book purchases to Sustainable Morristown directly.  Paul has personally signed these copies just for Sustainable Morristown.  We appreciate your continued support.

RADICAL: With billions of lives at stake, what would you do?

Buy a Signed Copy & Support Sustainable Morristown!



"As a kid, Cody had an idyllic life in small-town America. He was a popular boy who excelled at running and loved deeply his girlfriend, Jazzie. But just when Cody thinks life is great, fate takes an unexpected and horrible turn. Devastated by this, and the subsequent attacks of 9/11, Cody joins the Army." 

From the author:

As a fellow advocate of sustainability, I am quite impressed with Sustainable Morristown's focus to educate the town's residents. The importance of being sustainable and kind to our environment can never be understated.  I am pleased to be able to support Morristown's 'Green Team' with proceeds from the sale of my book.

-Paul Scott

About Paul:

Paul Scott is an environmentalist and for the past 20 years has been an activist and advocate for clean energy and electric transportation. He has sold electric cars and solar energy. He’s well known in these industries as a thought leader, a speaker, and an activist. He’s followed the science on climate change and sees the deadly, expensive and long-lasting effects it will have on society and the planet. 

If PayPal does not complete your order you can email us at to reserve your copy.  

Paul and Barb riding their 100% electric motorcycle.  

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