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Undo Your Part!- Find out how

Our partners at Citizens Climate Lobby released the below video to help guide to to take the next step!

CCL launches #UndoYourPart video on national call

Citizens’ Climate Lobby officially launched our new video, Undo Your Part, which is designed to inspire more people to get involved in the movement to roll back climate change. The campaign is aimed at reaching Americans in the center and center-right of the political spectrum. CCL Executive Director Mark Reynolds explains: “Last year, we added between two and three thousand members who identify as conservative. While that represents great progress, we need more supporters talking about climate change in places where it doesn't get discussed, normalizing the idea that of course we can and will address this problem. I have always believed that a very optimistic and patriotic message will have strong appeal for conservative Americans.

“Some people believe the only way to get a price on carbon is to make sure that Democrats control the House and Senate. We believe a bipartisan solution is a stronger and more stable solution. The stronger our conservative grassroots support, the greater our opportunity with Republicans in Congress. This video is a tool to help us recruit more conservative members.”

To help make Undo Your Part a success, here’s what you can do:

  • Head to CCL’s Facebook page and react to the video post with a “like” or “love”

  • Comment positively on the video post

  • Share the post to get the video out there!

When you post, use the hashtag #UndoYourPart and share a personal reason of why you’ve chosen to take action on climate change. Motivated by your kids? Tell the Twittersphere, “Because I want my kids to enjoy a healthy, stable planet #UndoYourPart.” Love to ski? Announce to your Facebook friends, “Because warming winters are threatening one of my favorite hobbies, and I want to fix it. #UndoYourPart.”

And of course, head to to watch the video and stay inspired to Undo Your Part!

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