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A NJ Boy started a petition to ban straws and plastic lids at Disney Resorts


I am 10 years old, and recently visited Disney World. I love animals and was happy to see that the Animal Kingdom doesn't allow plastic straws and lids, which can hurt sea turtles and other creatures. But the Animal Kingdom shouldn't be the only park that limits plastic waste - all Disney parks should!

Please sign my petition to ask Disney World to stop using plastic lids and straws.

When I have done beach clean ups the number one thing I have picked up are plastic straws so I have seen what an impact they make on our environment first hand. If all the Disney parks would stop distributing this extremely harmful product I know it would make a difference.

Each year one million sea birds and 100,000 marine animals die from eating plastic. And most straws are used for only 20 minutes, but every day, 500 million straws are used in the U.S. - enough to circle the earth 2 times

If we want all children to have a chance to learn about sea turtles, we have to protect them. Please sign my petition to ask the Disney company to help protect our planet and the animals on it by stopping the distribution of plastic straws and lids at all Disney parks.

Help the cause by signing the petition at:

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