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Opportunity for Clean Electricity

Now seems to be an especially advantageous time to sign up for 100% clean electricity. After going with CleanChoice Energy (CCE) for 99% wind/1% solar energy for the past year, I called them to renew and was pleased to obtain an unexpectedly low one-year fixed rate starting this month (May) at 9.1¢/kWh. This rate is lower than the average PSE&G rate of 10.43¢/kWh for the past year. The one-year fixed rate for new customers at CCE now is about 9.6¢/kWh. I was told by the CCE rep that annual fixed rates starting in May are usually the lowest of the year (no air conditioning demand) and that the rates vary significantly because of fluctuations in supply and demand.

Based on some of my electric bills from last year which include delivery charges, this new rate will save us about 10% per month. The higher CCE rate last year (12.1c/kWh) cost us about 10% more per month. I checked some other clean electricity web sites and found the 9.1 and 9.6c/kWh rates were currently within the range of typical rates but at the lower end.

The renewal notice said our use of 12,500 kWh of clean energy has avoided 19,500 lbs. of CO2 emissions which is equal to getting 1.9 cars off the road or the CO2 uptake over 10 years from planting 150 trees. Signing up for 100% clean energy does make a major dent in your household carbon foot print and, at the current rates, will cost less.

If you have been thinking about switching to clean electricity or just want to check it out, one place to start is the CleanChoice website Rates on their website are often out of date. So, for the best rate, call them at 800 316 3557 ask for, e.g., the lowest one-year fixed rate. For new customers it should be 9.6¢/kWh or very close to that. There is no cancellation or early termination fee. If you sign up, be sure to respond to the renewal notice after one year; the default rates are much higher.

From what I have been able to determine to date, CleanChoice is now a good (not perfect) choice for renewable energy: low rates currently without the usual numerous complaints at the BBB and complaint websites. Please get back to me with your experience or any new information. One of my neighbors signed up today (5-29) with CleanChoice with a rate in the range of 9.1-9.5¢/kWh.

Information on many other companies offering electricity alternatives to JCP&L is at NJ Power Switch. Some of these companies offer comparable clean electricity rates to CleanChoice but most seem to have lots of complaints.

Please share with others with an interest.

This combination of saving both money and the environment is a significant opportunity. Hope you will consider signing up during May for clean electricity with CleanChoice or some other company. The environmental payback is huge.

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